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Custom Quilts

Custom Quilts are a collaborative experience. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind handmade heirloom item, this is the option for you!

All Quilts can be made to custom specifications, whether that be color or size. 

Margot is able to make everything from a quilt in the style your grandmother used to make, to a t-shirt quilt. Her baby onesie quilts are quite popular!

Please fill out the google form below to inquire. 

Examples of Margot's Quilts:

Custom Baby Onesie Quilt Review:

There are no perfect words to describe the baby clothes quilt Margot made! I’m able to enjoy all the memories at once of my babies in their onesies, crawling and giggling, to the running and paint covered toddlers I love now. Each square comes with the memories of a smiling face of my son or daughter. Thank you. 

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