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Quilt Repairs

Margot has a wide range of repair skills, from restoring a 100 year old quilt to replacing torn fabric on a cherished family heirloom, and even mending intricate appliqué designs on quilts. 

Please fill out the google form below to begin the process. 

Quilt Recreation:

Margot's recreation is on the left and the original is on the right

Customer Review: My name is Eva. I have a 3 Year old son how has a blanket that he named CAT. To my son "cat" is more then just a quilted blanket that my mom gave to him. My mom had that blanket in storage for many years until my son came along and once he discovered it ... It became the only blanket to him. To my little boy "cat" is happiness / comfort /  calmness and love. My husband and I panic when we came to the realization that we needed to find a new" cat" for out little boy because the original cat was hanging on by a thread. It was so worn out and faded. The stitches were coming undone and I would do my best to sew them. I cannot express how happy an amazed  My husband and I were when we received the new and improve "cat" 2.0. It looks so much the same as the original it's unbelievable!! The back of the blanket stayed the same but in the front I asked for more cats because my son loves cats but I also wanted it  to stay the same as much as possible. It's a work of art! My son loved it!  So if your looking for a costume order or replica of a special quilt I highly highly recommend PLUM TREE PROJECTS. The whole experience was amazing and the final project was absolutely incredible!

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